Incubate EDU

  • Overview

    Incubate; the delayed messenger app, lets you send messages up to 25 years into the future! Send your child's baby steps to them for their 18th birthday, receive messages from a relative who has passed on, never miss an anniversary. Editing incubate will require learning how to cut parallel action. This means putting together two stories going on at the same time but in different locations.

    Incubate Premium is not a spec commercial. This is a real app, which has a real client.  There is one line towards the end which maybe unsuitable for some customers. 

    Educational Value

    The action section of Incubate was all shot MOS, which means that students will need to cut it together based on images alone.  That alone is an excellent excise. The second half of the scene is dialog editing with three actors. This scene is a great blend to introduce students to editing action.

  • Technical Specs:

    • Download Sample Clip.
    • 158 Minutes of footage (5GB Download).
    • Lined Script Included.
    • Commercial Pitch Book Included.
    • Graphics Included.
    • Voice Over Included.
    • Clean Version Can Be Requested.
    • Optional ProRes, RED, or Avid media requires (shipping)
  • Rated R

    Incubate was given an R rating by EditStock because of one line towards the end of the commercial, and some sexuality with the look of the female zombies. We believe that this film is appropriate for all college age audiences, and some more liberal high schools.

    EditStock's ratings are based on the guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system. These ratings are issued by EditStock, and NOT the MPAA.

 Incubate Footage Example 1Incubate Footage Example 2Incubate Footage Example 3

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Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Incubate EDU

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