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    Fed up with being picked on at school, Cinder Ellen James takes a chance to become a part of the social world to which the gorgeous, unreachable Max belongs and surrenders to a night of glamour, passion and wild twists that will either destroy her or raise her to the highest level of teenage greatness.

    Will becoming a "princess" be worth it? Or will Cinder discover she is better off as a "pumpkin?"

    Directed by Fi Dieter of Prince of Arabia Entertainment.  Her other work includes Bar Sinister and 9,125 Nights. 

    Educational Details

    Official selection of the 2014 LA Shorts Fest, Cinder Pumpkin is a fantastic film for schools, featuring a relevant subject matter for students.

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  • Rated PG13

    Cinder Pumpkin contains some scripted profanity, out-take profanity, and sexual references. There is also references to underage drinking. We believe that this film is appropriate for all college age audiences, and some more liberal high schools.

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